Frequently Asked Questions

What gear do you use?

In the past, I have used a Nikon D80 with a 35mm 1.8f. This was largely the camera that I used for much of my time in Poland. Lately, I have been using a Canon EOS 6DII with a “L” Series 50mm 1.2f courtesy of my partners at

I also use: Nikon FM2 with a Nikkormat 50

Mobile: Samsung Galaxy S8

I use naturally available light for my work.

I use studio space when the client needs this.

Do you use post-production on your work?

Yes. Unless directly specified by a client, every image has adjustments on it. This is how I make the image mine and personalize it. I work with color to set the tone and make the image pop with contrast. I use Lightroom for my importing the RAW files and to catalog, finishing with some edits. Then I use Photoshop to tighten it and finalize the edit, size the image and save it properly.

Do you offer post-production services?

It is something that I consider on a case by case basis. Contact me and we can decide if I am fit for your needs.

Where are you from?

I am from Seattle, Washington U.S.A. Where I grew up and my family lives. How long have you been in Poland? I moved here in September of 2011 to Poznan and now I am currently living in Warsaw.

Do you sell your work and where can I buy it?

Yes…I do! Both tangible pieces and digital copies suitable for websites, PDF and printing. My work can be purchased here directly through my webshop, delivered straight to your door. I also have a webstore available to get posters on at Get Inspired Magazine. If there is an image that you are curious about, please contact me!

Do you work in weddings?

I am very selective about working at weddings. Mainly because of the language barrier and my fear of missing a crucial moment because I failed to understand. BUT, I am happy to discuss your day with you and I am also available for intimate shots of the couple and I am also available for stylized engagement shoots. I also do what I call a “Secret Wedding Photographer” where I can be hired to shoot your wedding but I would remain as an additional shooter to your main photographer. This way I can freely capture the moments of your wedding and add to the style you are already booked for. These shots are very intimate and give you memories form the day of a completely different style. You can reach out to me to further discuss this. My rates for this are very reasonable and I would dress as a guest. Nobody would know until you get the shots back.

Can I get an invoice from you?

Yes. I have a business here in Poland.

Are you available to speak to my class or group?

Yes. I love the chance to speak to people and honor the times I get the chance to do so. I love to be able to share my experience of living here in Poland and the perspective it has given to me. I have spoken to many different groups and classes, given lectures at Universities and have been a speaker for TEDx in Poznan.

Do you give portrait sessions?

Yes. I really enjoy working with people and finding their individual style through photography. You can find out more under my Offer.

Do you speak Polish?

Not well yet, but I understand more than I currently speak and I have been in the country long enough to figure out how to navigate it.

I am afraid my English isn't perfect. Will that be a problem?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! I am not concerned with how you speak English at all and I look forward to the interaction however it is. I ran a coffee shop here in Poland for years and managed to make it work every day, every week and relished the different people that made the shop vibrant. This is still true in my day to day, I love to meet new people and work together on common ideas to visualize your story. If the language is an issue, then I find someone to help navigate it. I am very approachable and open and will put you to ease right away.

Do you teach photography?

Yes, I offer 1 to 1 classes as well as group sessions for people. Mainly this is done on the street to teach how to see those special moments and catch the details of life. This is a great way to be introduced to storytelling through your images and to gain inspiration for your next trip abroad. I work with you on settings and perspective, as well as composition. I am very approachable and love to do this. My rates vary so contact me to set something up and schedule an appointment.

I would like to purchase a gift of a photography class for someone. Is this possible?

Yes. Absolutely. Contact me and we can work out the schedule and details.

Do you like pizza?

As a matter of fact....YES! I consider it to be the perfect food and there is hardly one I would pass up. Care to grab one?

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