About Me - Erik Witsoe

Hello. I'm Erik.

Discovering new life in a foreign land, perspective has helped me pave the way for self-understanding through everyday adventures, which are lending to what I know, yet allowing to unearth the often humorous aspects of my new journey abroad. As an artist, perspective has always been important to me and now that I am living in Poland, I am observing from various angles just how true this is.

Raised in rainy Seattle, resided on the sunny coast of California, these days I am discovering life and four seasons in Poznan, Poland. I followed my heart and made a leap of faith across the pond three years ago and have not looked back since. I also owned and operated Bigfoot Coffee Shop located here in Poznan in the Pasaz Apollo, which was described as the "smallest coffee shop with the biggest heart". Sadly, after four years of service, I closed the Shop to pursue Photography full time...so not so sad after all! To stay in touch with my creativity and share those experiences with loved ones back home, I explore the beauty of Poznan through my Photography. Trained as a fine Artist, but having a background in the Hospitality Industry has given me a variety of useful skills in which to draw from here in Poland where I am  exploring the paths of life here that captivate, inspire and challenge my imagination.

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Poznan, Poland

Image: Stepan Rudik

Okiem Przybysz (Through a Foreign Eye)

Photo Album of Poznan

Publisher Wydawnictwo Debiuty

Design: Ornatus Studio Graficzne

Available at Fine Booksellers in Poznan

I am so, so proud to announce the release of my very first photo album about Poznan.  A giant THANK YOU to Wydawnictwo Debiuty for making this happen and Ornatus studio graficzne for a well crafted and stunningly beautiful book.

TEDex Poznan

Published on Feb 20, 2015

Very proud to have been asked to speak at a local TEDx salon event.

Decisive Moments with Erik Witsoe 001

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