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111/365 Okiem Przybysza (My Book Arrived)

111/365 Okiem Przybysza
I am so, so proud to announce the release of my very first photo album about Poznan. Today has been a whirlwind day and it seems fitting that an image of the cause of all the commotion makes it into my 365. A giant THANK YOU to Wydawnictwo Debiuty for making this happen and Ornatus studio graficzne for a well crafted and stunningly beautiful book that has exceeded all of my expectations and has me grinning from ear to ear!!! And of course thank you Poznan, Poland and everyone here for the generous support through the last few years! This rocks!
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Damn, I may have shed a tear.
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You can pick your own copy up through me at Bigfoot Coffee Shop or at the best book sellers in Poznan!