Warsaw, Poland <br />
Winter 2018<br />
Some impressions of winter and the city of Warsaw.

Wintery Impressions of Warsaw

Winter 2018

After 6 years of living in Poznan, my fiancee finished her degree and accepted a position that has moved us to Warsaw. Of course, I am up for the challenge and the discovery of new streets to walk, people to meet and images to make. Immediately, the size of the city becomes apparent and winter makes the process of walking an interesting feat. Navigating the streets becomes an exercise in google maps and coffee shops to warm up to, every second of it overwhelming and inspiring at once as I search to find the pieces of life that speak to me.

Here are some initial impressions of the City of Warsaw and the vibrant atmosphere filled with new influences I am discovering here.  Next up...SPRING!

I use Canon EOS 6DII with a 50mm provided by my awesome partners at Digital 24 and also a Samsung Galaxy 8S.
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