Getting the feel of the new Canon EOS 6D Mark II

As the title suggests, I am now slinging the newest Canon as my main camera and out looking for moments to capture with it. My partners here at DIgital 24 put this beauty in my hands a few weeks back with a Sigma Art 20mm 1.4 and let me loose out on the streets of Poznan.

One of the first things that I noticed when receiving the 6D was the weight. It felt remarkably lighter than the previous 6D and also the 5Ds I had been using and the grip felt the tiniest bit smaller and more comfortable in my hands. Even with the 20mm attached, the camera felt lighter and it is..a whole 75g lighter. Of course this is not the main selling point but it sure does make a difference on my day to day.

Within an hour of hitting the streets and shooting, I already knew that I was quite fond of this camera and had some new features and upgrades that really excited me, like Full Frame, 26 MP, 6.5 FPS, 45 AF points, Flipping Touch Screen LCD, Weather resistant, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth LE and GPS all built-in all in a 765g body for the lightest DSLR to date. You can find all of the specs here at Digital 24. I especially like that all of the features remain fairly intuitive and that the controls also remain easy for my fingers to find without effort. Within a few minutes of having the camera in my hands, I was up and running, shooting with confidence. I still have many of the functions to sort through and figure out how they will work for me, but I will leave that for a future post and check back in with you.

For my purposes, I need a camera that can handle the weather and elements, isn’t too big or super bulky and is easy to use but can deliver the high quality images that I need and my clients expect. All of this I find to be true with the 6D II which may be the perfect camera for me given that I like to have the solid feel of a DSLR in my hands. The price is right here too. Coming in under some of the bigger DSLR and Canons, but maintaining the professional edge and presence that I need. I am still learning all of the ways this camera benefits me and excited and sometimes surprised by what I discover. Zero disappointment.

I have yet to really explore the video on it but my first few attempts were very exciting and I love the Dual Pixel CMOS AF(stills and video) and the Vari-Angle screen but really love the AF tracking and how sharp it is. Very new to me is the touch screen display and how that is helping me create in an interesting way.

But, really it comes down to the images. So here are a few I have selected for you to enjoy. I am always open for questions so if you have one, send me a message or the guys at Digital 24 and they will relay it to me. All in all, while I am still learning this beauty, I feel super confident that I have this camera with me to help create and enjoy the possibilities of images wherever I am shooting and without considerable effort. Whether you are starting out or a seasoned pro, this camera is worth your attention.

I always say “be inspired to inspire” and believe me when I tell you that with the Canon 6D II, I am inspired all over again. Love it! Feel free to leave a comment.  Thank you for watching.

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