3 6 5 P R O J E C T - Erik Witsoe

170/365 Lights on...somebody is home.

Saint Martin
170/365 Lights on Somebody is Home
Poznan, Poland
Sometimes my shots surprise me. This one is one of those moments. As I left the tram I spent some time in a spot that I was sure would produce a shot that I had been waiting to get, but after some minutes it was not to be. Frustrated I started to head to work thinking about all of the things I needed to do this very morning. For a second I glanced up at the stained glass window as I passed underneath it and for a split second the face was illuminated from within creating this "heavenly" feel. I turned and shot...not thinking too much about it as I didn't care for the angle. Upon inspection a little while later I realized that I loved this shot...and so here we are. Surprised. :)