3 6 5 P R O J E C T - Erik Witsoe

365/365 Into the Sun

365/365 Into the Sun
Poznan, Poland
Summer, Dawn
And with this image so concludes this year long project. In some ways I am going to miss it very much, but I am also ready for something new to take me on to the next part of the journey. I started this project as a way to challenge myself with everyday creativity and inspirations, to discover newness in the mundane and keep me on my toes. All of which is true and more. Soon I will write to you all a bit more on it and share some of my very favorite images.
During this project I kept my pedometer running and I have walked 3,621,201 steps during this project which I am not sure how many kilometers or miles that it, but it's a lot....
See you!